The response to my post about Fudge Hair Shaper was very much that bloke’s products can be just as beneficial for us girls. Well Whish have decided that the gentleman have had deluxe shaving for themselves for long enough and it’s about time us girls got in on the fun…

All the best barbers (probably) have been using shaving brushes to help men get the perfect shave for yonks, but if us girls had added a shaving brush to our bathroom shelf it might have looked a bit, well, manly. But there’s no danger of masculinity with Whish’s blinged up crystal brushes ($95), they come in either pink or clear sparkle and are designed (somehow) to work best with the shape of girls bodies. They are made with the finest badger hair, meaning you’ll get an extra close shave, but I just can’t help but feel a bit sorry for all the badgers that provided the hair!

There’s no point in having a pretty brush if you’ve only got men’s shaving cream to use it with. So Whish have created Shave Crave Cream ($32) which also comes in cute pots for your bathroom. Choose between calming Lemongrass, soothing Almond or rejuvenating Pomegranate.