I do like to keep my promises, and as ALL of you professed to loving all things braid like, then this is the first plait ‘how to’. I’ve started off with a simple French plait as lots of people have mentioned they struggle to do one of these. As the sound is a bit muffled when I turn around, there’s step by step instructions after the cut.

  1. Scoop up the top of your hair into a half pony tail where you want the braid to begin
  2. Divide this into three segments
  3. Pass the outer segment from one side over the middle segment
  4. Now pass the outer segment from the other side over the new middle segment
  5. Continue passing over the outer segments from each side in turn, adding hair from the corresponding side of your head each time
  6. Keep adding hair until all the hair is included in one of the sections, then continue a normal plait to where you want the braid to end.

Next up, fingers crossed (or rather not, as that would make it a trifle difficult to plait) is the herringbone and twist braids, which I’m much less practised at, so expect much slower progress!