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Detox Review: The Clean 9 system


In January our whole office was feeling sluggish and contemplating all sorts of diets from the grapefruit to the Atkins, and then we had the Forever Clean 9 pack delivered. This is essentially a 9 day starvation diet, which replaces food with variou supplements and Aloe Vera drinks. It contained vanilla shakes, bee pollen tablets for flavour and a lot of Aloe Vera gel (three one litre bottles). I was scared, but our office manager Carly bravely took up the challenge, and decided to see if this programme could help her fit into her ball dress once more.

This is her diary of the experience...


'Hiya! I've just tried the Clean 9 detox diet (desperate times and all that) and I lived to tell the tale. It is pretty hardcore but bring on the challenge I say! I did start the diet quite sceptical because I literally had to starve myself in a controlled way. I drank loads of water (mainly to avoid feeling hungry) and lived on Aloe Vera gel and tablets. This is not normal human behaviour of course! If I was meant to live on tablets and liquid, I would never have grown teeth and been born in a pharmacy! But in the vain struggle to be perfectly healthy and slim, women will go to the ends of the earth for that “quick fix”! You need to be a very determined person to take part in this diet and you need to be in good shape health wise to do it. Here's how it was for me...

Day 1:
6.00 – eeagggh –it’s eerily early in the morning to be up and swallowing pills that look like suppositories, but none-the less in the journey begins for a cleaner and thinner me! I swallow the Garcinia tablets and wait 20 minutes before I have to try my first taste of Aloe Vera me it’s not pleasant! Tip 1:The best way to take your Aloe Vera is straight down in one and have a glass of water ready for you to swig straight after you finish it. The taste from the Aloe Vera reminded me of the bitter taste of Rhubarb but with a real earthy plant taste, which is just as horrible as it smells. I complete 20 minutes of exercise by running around my shoe box flat and completing 25 stomach crunches which nearly killed me!
10.30 snack – tablets…yeah you heard me. To be precise I had 2 Bee pollen tablets which did dull my hunger slightly.
1.00 – similar to breakfast – I had Garcinia tablets followed by Aloe Vera, (which the girls in the office had already had a sniff at and looked at me in horror. I made the forever lite shake which, much to my surprise and relief was quite nice. Reminded me of baby rusks that I used to steal from my baby sister when we were little! I still feel fine and I am determined to stick to the diet.
Dinner – This is the worse time for me. I had the Aloe Vera and tablets only. I felt neither full nor comfortable. My stomach was gurgling like a plug hole and the thought of having to drink another Aloe Vera mix before bed, made me feel so sick, that I actually skipped that drink altogether. I did however treat myself to a 1 cm thick slice of cucumber. I knew my stomach would not rest until it had something to chew on and so nibbling slowly at it, my stomach calmed down enough for me to fall asleep.


Day 2:
6.00- once again I complete the same routine as yesterday. I don’t feel too bad….but I will see how I feel by lunch time!
10.30 – had my bee pollen tablets. exciting as picking my toe nails…

1.00– Same as yesterdays menu but I kept the milkshake to have for dinner instead. The diet rules did not explain if I could do this but dinner time is a killer for me and I didn’t see the harm in swapping lunch and dinner. It did say you could do that in the book but I was unsure if the first 2 days were stricter!
Dinner – The same as yesterday but I have the milkshake as well. I make sure I have a good film to distract me and get in to bed at a very sensible 9.00!

Day 3:
Today I am allowed solids!
I stick to the diet guidelines and have my first proper meal under 600 calories. I feel a lot more confident today which I think is because I am looking forward to having solid food!

Day 4:
The amount of stomach crunches I’m able to do has gone up which I’m please about! I feel a lot more motivated in the mornings now. I do however have a rotten headache all afternoon.

Day 5: I get the courage to measure myself for the first time since I started the diet. I have lost an inch around my bingo wings, an inch round my waist and an inch on my thighs. My chest, hips and belly below the navel have not changed at all.
My eczema is really itchy today, I am guessing because of the detox. I get a headache again mid afternoon but I feel my energy level is still quite high.

Day 6:
I go to a boxing class with a friend. The class was 45 minutes long and I felt great afterwards. I drink lots of water to replace all the water I had sweat out in class. Getting into bed I did feel “thinner” but this may be a psychological trick!

Not feeling hungry at all today. I’m feeling pretty good except a little soreness on my shoulder from boxing.

Day 8:

Delayed reaction from my boxing work out has kicked in. I am too sore to do any exercise the entire day. I feel lethargic and tired. My motivation and confidence is very low. The lowest I have felt since starting the diet. The aloe Vera is putting me off meal times all together!

Day 9:
My last day! I don’t feel too bad today. Weighing myself I have lost 5 lbs from the start of the diet. I think my face looks thinner and feel a lot fitter. I went from 25 stomach crunches and a light walk a day to 80 stomach crunches, 15 push ups and a light walk, along with at least 2 half hour sessions to do some extra exercise in the week. After a few days of this diet, I didn’t feel like a deflated balloon after I had exercised and it has taken me 9 days to build up to the amount of exercise I do now.

Summary and results:
I will admit I did end up feeling a lot more awake in the mornings and have a lot more energy when I came off the diet but I am un-decided whether that is to do with an early morning routine and regular exercise rather than popping pills and starving my stomach. No matter how you argue that you don’t starve your body of vitamins on this de-tox, you still starve your stomach of food to digest. I suffered headaches by mid afternoon on the 4th, 5th and 6th day which were unlike normal headaches and more like hang overs! As my body was in starvation mode, I guessed I would gain weight really quickly afterwards, so I was careful with my food and continued to take Garcinia tablets for a couple of days. Garcinia ”effectively reduces the body’s conversion of carbohydrates into fats” but for something that is supposedly a miracle cure to stop you gaining fat, shouldn’t it be available everywhere and selling like hot cakes? You will struggle to find any other company that sales them!

I kept exercising and lost a further 1 lb in the week after, which was great. This also leads me to believe that maybe the exercise had more of an effect than I thought.
All said and done I have to say the Clean 9 diet did give me the kick start I needed to feeling healthier and taking my diet seriously. I did not have the side effects my friends warned me about such as spots etc, but now that I am back on normal food I have noticed when I eat junk like crisps, I do break out in mini volcanoes!

Weight Lost: 5 pounds
Inches Lost: One inch from the waist, arms and thighs. In the end the dress was baggy!

What you get in a kit:
# Aloe vera Gel (3 1-litre bottles)
# Aloe vera Gel (3 1-litre bottles)
# Forever Lite Meal Replacement Shakes (1 Vanilla)
# Forever Garcinia Plus (70 Tablets)
# Forever Bee Pollen (100 tablets)
# Shaker Tape Measure

Carly's Top Tips to surviving:
-Make sure you have a water bottle with you at all times. I began the diet on a Thursdsay so I was in the office. I drank water constantly to stop the hunger burn until it was time for some Aloe Vera love!
-The taste of Aloe Vera is quite harsh but as your taste buds do not detect the taste until you swallow, I found guzzling the gel/water formulae down and literally, swallowing some fresh water as I finish swallowing the Aloe Vera, I didn’t taste it!! Having water straight after stops the prolonged taste in your mouth!
-Be aware that flavoured water will have calories so try not to supplement your water with the flavoured stuff! You will have to include those calories into your meal allowance!
-In the morning sit down for the 20 minutes after the Garcinia tablets and just chill out. Don’t go back to sleep again! Waking up to drink Aloe Vera and a work out can make you feel fed up and start your day with a bad attitude.
-Contrary to the instructions for the diet and what your friends may say, don’t rest at home too much. Sitting around only gives you more time to think about the diet. Go see friends and carry on exactly how you would do normally, you will appreciate the distraction.
-When you do eat your meals, eat them slowly by chewing each mouthful 20 times before you swallow. If you eat too fast you will find you feel uncomfortable. Take time to enjoy the food rather than ravage it.
-For a few days after the diet be careful not to go mad on food. Ease your body back into the swing of things by having an 800 calorie limit for the first day and work your way up the calorie scale. The kit has extra tablets so use them up to get the vitamins and minerals you need. Make sure you continue to exercise, while you’re in the habit of doing it, make the most of it!

It's vailable for £99.40 from Clean 9, or ring 01926 626630 for stockists.

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