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MAC to release Skinsheen to perk up pasty legs

Have you started dreading the call of Summer recently? Up till a day ago I was convinced we were in for the darkest winter ever but recent bursts of reasonably hot (if sporadic) weather has made me start fretting about the pastiness of my legs and what to do without those 60 deniers. Well MAC as alas has a solution to that- its new Skinsheen leg spray which will cover up your wobbly bits with a comforting bronze. It applies like a mousse and is easily blendable, as well as comes in a variety of colour ways.


You can choose to use the mousse or the leg oil, and there's even a buffng brush to create a golden glow. You can choose from Medium Sheer which is a soft golden caramel with soft gold nuances or Medium Dark Sheer which is soft bronze with golden tan pearl for £35. The body Buffer is £14.50 from MAC and they will be available form the end of May for a limited amount of time.

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