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Rodial Glam Balm wipes


I'm a big fan of cleaning wipes, as they're great for refreshing on the go as well as removing make up when you stumble to bed at 3am. OK, they're not quite as good as the proper cleanse and moisturise routine you should be following, but in cases of inebriation or aeroplanes they're a complete godsend. These wipes though aim to be a little bit more than just a quick fix, as they've infused them with chamomile agents and Vitamin E for extra softness. If you're a fan of their Glam Balm, you'll love the convenience of having it in a pocket pack. Made with 100% cotton they're really soft on the skin, and though at £14 from Rodial they're a bit pricey, at least you'll have your fave product on the go. Keep an eye out though as they're not available till the 1st March!

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