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Pink sugar hair perfume for sweet smelling hair


Since the ban on smoking not so long ago, my tresses tend to smell reasonable after a night out, give or take a quantity of sweat, but if you send to much time travelling on crowded tubes or hanging out with dubious people it's not impossible they'll get a little pungent. Well this hair scent solves that trouble, $15 from Nordstrom, by covering any odours with a girly sugary scent, that might make you feel a little sick. Hey, it's better to be sickly than smelly right? Umm, right?? The scent is a mixture of vanilla and caramel, so if you don't mind smelling like a piece of confectionery I'm sure no one else will either.

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Posted by Zara Rabinowicz on March 7, 2008 in Hair Products | Permalink


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