Perfect perky breasts remain a distant dream for many women, unless they're willing to endure the pain and cost of the knife. Well Rodial's latest 'wonder cream', the Boob Job could be the answer to a fuller bust. It's based on a natural phytosterol, derived from an Asian root, and is meant to work with your natural fat cells. The idea is that as the fat moves around the body after eating, the cream blocks the fat into areas where the cream has been applied, and locks it into the bust area. You're meant to notice a increase in cup size within 56 days, and it should produce a lifting and firming effect. Be careful not to apply it accidentally to your arse, as I'm sure a plumping effect there wouldn't be appreciated! It's £125 from Rodial at the start of April and I'll be back with an in depth review of this soon.

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