naildoctor.jpgI thought it was time you guys saw some photographic evidence of my battle to grow my nails, so here goes. Nine days in and as you can see, I actually have nails. Obviously because of the many years of abuse, there's still a long way to go, and they will never look amazing with a French manicure because the white starts so low down, but at least I'm getting there. Today's product is The Nail Doctor 'Sudden Strength'. I got hold of a few products from this range to try and this one seemed to most apt at this point as it promises to strengthen the nails to help them to grow. Sounds good to me!

This is a clear treatment that goes on easily and dries in an instant, giving just a bit of healthy shine, but nothing too obvious. Because I'm trying so many of these different strengthening treatments in a fairly short space of time I obviously can't comment on long-term results, but this did make a noticeable difference to the strength of my flimsy new nails as soon as it dried. It protects even when worn over polish, which is good for those of you who can't bear to go without colour. The must-mention ingredients are vitamins A, C and B5 and calcium-building red algae. If you fancy giving it a go it's a very reasonable £6.99 and available at Boots.