There are approx 6 weeks to go till I need to be stripping down to a bikini for the beach. Considering I dim the lights when I go to bed with my boyfriend this is a prospect that doesnt thrill me, so I'm resorting to drastic measures. No, I'm not trying the cabbage soup diet but I am undertaking a week on the Weight To Go system. It provides 850-1000 calories a day in the forms of shakes, microwave dinners and soups, and I'm hoping that a week on this coupled with some gym time will kick start my body into shape. Will it work? I'll let you know...

Read on for news of my First Day.


Age : 24
Height: 5'5
Dress Size: Size 12 on a good day (If the results are good I may let you know my actual weight)

Day 1: Started with a shake for breakfast. Got quite worried that a hand mixer wasn't the same as a blender, but thankfully it all worked. The chocolate shake gets mixed with 180mls of water and 3 ice cubes. It was quite tasty actually, so thumbs up. Had my apple on the way to work, and felt pretty comfortable. I'm allowed a soup for lunch, but here I hit my first snag- a posh dinner for Inspiration Women. Great company, great people, and tiramisu that's definitely not on the diet plan. I managed to just eat vegetables but it did stare at me very accusingly. Lunch (at around 3pm) was the soup, which was quite filling, and then I had a shake as dessert. I like how this diet is focused around meals, rather than meal replacements, as every day I get a proper lunch and supper, as well as 3 tasty shakes and fruit and veg. I had a snack bar (on the plan) for some energy and really liked the caramel fudge flavour- it's something I would buy anyway! Trying to stop counting calories but it's hard! Have a Chickpea and sweet potato Tagine for dinner which was good, and keeping sucking on sugar free ice lollies (Tesco variety, 1 cal each). Had a trip to the pub but valiantly only drank diet coke as I watched my friends dance in the sun. Sigh. Does my stomach look flatter yet?

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