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It's getting lighter and the skirts are getting shorter, so the lovely Isabelle from Brandish and myself went along to the House of Fraser to try XEN-TAN. They're now stocking this streak free cream, but we wanted to put it to the test ourselves. We'd dutifully exfoliated the night before (you should always do this pre-fake tan so you don't get patches) and were excited about the colour we'd turn. We both tried out the dark Lotion, which retails at £26.95 and you can see the results for yourself.

Read on for more pics and info.

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The colours sank into the skin extremely easily, and it's tinted so you can see where to apply it. I was initially worried that we both used the same shade as I'm a lot lighter but it adapted to our different skintones really well. XEN-TAN has a natural olive undertone, rather than an orange, so there's no chance of looking like a WAG, and it's deliciously scented to! Yes, there may be DHA in it, but there's also coconut and walnut oil for deep skin nourishing, and the lovely smell! We had it applied to our bodies (that's why our faces are still pale) and each bottle comes with gloves to help you apply it.

Remember to add moisturizer to your elbows, feet and knees to avoid any dark patches, and the tan gradually fades over a week without becoming blotchy or patchy. I think I'm sold (and this is coming form a self-tan sceptic!)

Buy XEN-TAN at House of Fraser counters or get it here.

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