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Dita Von Teese screams polished perfection to me, so it's no wonder she has made our Beauty Hero category. True, she is always so poised and perfect that it's hard to actually really examine her over the ages! We'll say one thing for her- that girl does love her lippie and eyeliner! Teese was born in 1972, but in no way looks her 35 years. Christened Heather Renée Sweet, her name was changed in light of her fascination with the 1940's era of burlesque and boudoir chic.

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Teese grew up in Michigan, America, and was always a fan of the limelight, from her childhood training as a ballet dancer to joining a local troupe and aiming for the big time. Her fascination with beautiful garments begun when she was 15 and started working in a lingerie store, eventually ending up a buyer, fuelling her passion for erotic dress.

At university her love of outre style shone out, as she studied historic costuming, and planned to be a stylist for historic films. To fund her love of clothes (and corsets) she started modelling, and dancing. She achieved fame for her boudoir style moves and met Marilyn Manson when he asked her to be on a music video. This started a tempestuous love affair, and Dita had hit the big time.

Her trademark style is porcelain white skin (think Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll range) ruby red lips, and very defined eyes. her hair is jet black and often styled in forties style curls, very Bettie Page meets Betty Boop. She exudes sensuality and sexiness, in a way that we can only aspire to, and seems to do it so naturally that she truly makes our Hero list. Long live Dita!

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