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I've recently started suffering from breakouts again ( a combination of stopping Dianette and eating lots of ice cream) and am gettign tired of staring disconsolately in the mirror. A lot of spot treatments around are to harsh on my skin- they might kill the spots, but they'll make the rest of my face patchy and dry, so I was stuck for a cure. Leave it to uber brand Dermalogica to come up with a solution, as they've just created the mediBac range, which deals specifically with adult acne.

Apparently surveys they carried out discovered that around 55% of people aged 20-40 have various forms of acne, from low grade oiliness to full on break outs, yet their skin is more mature than that of teenagers. Hence, we should be using different treatments, and so the range was born. The range contains five new products to run alongside already existing ones, such as the oil control lotion, which has been updated for this range.

The five products in the range treat everything from mildly congested skin (tiny bumps under the skin, or barely visible spots) to full on acne.

There's the Clearing Skin Wash, £29, which is a super powerful cleanser, and only to be used on very spotty skin. It's a treatment product, not just a cleanser, so you should use it sparingly in your routine.

Next up is the Clearing Mattifier, £36, a silicon based product which sinks into the skin like a face primer, to helps reduce shine and control breakouts. This is meant to be used in the morning pre-makeup application.

The Concealing Spot Treatment, £28.50 seems like a genius product as it covers as well as heals nasty inflammations and treats with sulphur and zinc oxide.

There's also the Overnight Clearing Gel, £34, which helps clear inflamed skin and reduce excess sebum. It contains salicylic acid for reducing dirt and includes green tea to soothe.

And finally (phew!) we have the Sebum Clearing Masque, £33.40, a refreshing mask which contains cooling and refining kaolinn and bentonite clay.

They're available from the 1st September from Dermalogica

Watch this space for some product reviews!

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