A while back we told you about the Tangle Teezer, the innovative hairbrush that keeps you tresses tangle free, and provide no tears on even the most unruliest of heads. Since then, I've been using it practically every day, and it has now become one of my favourite hair accessories, and an invaluable asset in my hair arsenal. It glides through the hair like nothing else, and means mornings are no longer a tussle.

I was thrilled to learnt they've now brought it out in a new colour, a great neon pink, perfect for summer. The picture really doesn't do it justice as the colour is really bright, more associated with ravers waving glowsticks than a hair product, but the smoothness of use is just the same. It's £9.99 from HQ Hair, and it will really transform your tresses.

Tigi Control Freak for straight hair without the GHD's