I remember how hush hush the launch of Guyliner was. At a press event six MONTHS ago I was sworn to secrecy and if memory serves there may have even been an NDA to sign as well ( a document that means if I write about something before they say so I can be sued and sent to hell). The name has been copyrighted by Taxi, and this product is now on sale in Superdrug for £6.50.

It's an eyeliner. It's black. It has GUY written on it and has a slogan of, 'Is he or isn't he wearing it? Now I'm not objecting to the price (very reasonable) or the fact that it's for men (whatever floats your boat) but how is this 'soft, smooth kohl pencil' different to any of the other eyeliners out there? It's not like they're called fem-liners after all. Still, if Mr Metrosexual is happier primping with male style products far be it for me to object.

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