false_eyelashes_for men.jpg

The craze in Mancake has reached new levels with Eylure releasing Natural lashes for men. They look just like regular false eyelashes but have an 'invisible' strip which sticks to your eyelids. Hey, I'm sure there are men out there who are just dying to endure fiddling around with glue and tweezers to create the perfect lash look. Perhaps they should finish up with a dash of mascara as well? You can choose from Fine naural Lashes for men, or thick natural lashes for men (both £5.45) if you want a subtle or dramatic look.

I'm not sure how well this will do, after all it's one thing for men to moisturize and fake tan, but quite another for them to attempt delicate grooming procedures (false eyelashes are TRICKY). We'll be getting our resident male guinea pig to try them out, so watch this space.

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