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One of my favourite sites EVER is Musings of a Muse, which lets you into the lovely world of Isabella, and and all her beauty secrets. I was lucky enough to get her to agree to an interview, where she shares all her beauty secrets and tips! Read on for a glimpse into her world.

When did you first become interested in beauty?
I've been interested in beauty since I was around 14 or so. Of course, at the time my tastes in makeup were quite a good deal cheaper in price! Ahh those were the days!

What was the first makeup you ever bought?
Gosh I can't begin to recall the first makeup item I ever brought. So many collections have come and gone out of my life it's hard to remember my first. It was probably a Bonnie Bell lipbalm or something similiar :)

When did you start beauty blogging?
I started blogging in May 2007 on My Space and prior to that on Live Journal. I later moved to Blogger which has been the home of Musings of a Muse since. The entire process is a work in progress as I'm always looking for new ways to improve my blog and making it bigger and better!

How did you cope with becoming a famous blogger?

Oh lord I don't even consider myself famous. I'm still little old average ordinary me. Although coping to be a blogger is definately a task. It sometimes feels like I have a second job. Unless a person blogs they can never understand the work that goes into doing one. In particular I think my blog takes some seriously extra work because I take my own photos of products, do my own makeup shots, etc.....I spent quite a good deal of time pumping reviews out daily.

Did you find it hard/easy to be taken seriously as a blogger?
It's definitely hard to be considered serious. I have wonderful PR people backing up Musings and making it the blog it is. Without reviews there isn't any blog, without release info there isn't any Musings, and so on and so fourth. Although about 85%-90% of the product you see featured on Musings are items I purchase for myself the other 10% are from companies that definitely back me up and help make Musings a success by providing great product for review. Breaking into the Beauty blogging world is serious business. It's hard work, patience, time, and just passion. Being taken seriously by companies is a big step towards taking beauty blogging into the electronic age. I think the blogging world and many blogger way before I stepped onto the scene have taken the major steps and paved the way to make Beauty Blogging into what it is today and what it will hopefully become. On some levels we are all a family and we help each other out accordingly! Just as any family would.

What celebrity do you think has a great beauty style?
Dita Von Teese is unquestionably a celeb with great beauty style and fashion style.

And which celebrity beauty style do you hate?
Donatella Versace, she simply scares me, enough said.

What's your cleansing routine?
I have a wicked weird cleansing routine that some people would call over much but here goes:

This sums it up: (it's complicated or she'd post it all!)

Three desert island beauty must have's?
Oh come on! Only three? That's obscene! Ummmmm ack this is hard. Ok I think I got it:

Cheek Stain

Could I have a toothbrush too?

If it was gratis, what cosmetic surgery would you have done?

I probably wouldn't have any even if it was free. I'm scared of going under the knife and having something nuts go wrong. That's so my luck!

Top 3 favourite high end brands and low end brands?

High End:

Low End:

Majolica Majorca
Etude House

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Retired? Kidding. I don't really know. Hopefully happily blogging away!

If you had a makeup range what would you call it and what would be your wonder product?

Let's see I'd call it....illusions of grandeur...very fitting somehow and my wonder product would be a long wearing foundation/concealer combo that lasted all day, into the night!

And most over rated product/range ever?

Over rated product...definitely BB Creams. Further info can be found here.Out of 98% of BB Creams released maybe 2% are actually good and worth looking at!

What beauty trends do you predict for this year?

Metallic Eyes, Smoky Eyes, Goth Lips, ugh too many to list!

Isn't she lovely? Watch this space for more beauty interviews.