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It's that time of year when it's hard to stay on the dieting wagon. Sweets are so nice after all, and bikini season has pretty much passed. Well why let all that hard work go to waste- here are some sweet treats that won't break the calorie bank.

1. Chewits. At around 115 kcal a pack they're sweet, quite filling and best of all take a LONG time to eat. And they're cheap, need I say more?

2. Muller Lite. Sadly the chocolate variety is no longer created, but there's still vanilla, toffee and banana custard amongst other flavours. A 200ml pot will set you back around 105 kcal and fill you up till dinnertime.

3. Skinny Cow ice cream. Possibly he best low fat ice cream ever, it come sin flavours such as cheeky chocolate brownie, and also has ice creams sticks to choose from. From 709-115kcal for 100ml (around 90 for a stick) it's a very tasty treat which tastes full fat. My freezer is full of these!

4. Ryvita Limbos.If you fancy something a little more savoury the new Ryvita Limbo's slide down a treat. It's a crunchy baked snack that comes in 3 flavours, with smokey bacon being the office favourite. It's £1.69 for a sixpack.

5.Snack a Jack Popcorn. Lovely and low fat, popcorn is a great way of filling yourself up. Chocolate flavour may sound a bit odd, but it's surprisingly ,moreish!

6. Pretz. A newbie on the scene, these savoury pretzels hit the right spot with its savoury blend, and is under 150kcal a pack!

7. Orbit Gum. Controls you appetite, gives you fresh breath and costs next to nothing.

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