So the Red Lipstick trial is thankfully over and I'm bare faced and pale once again. So how did I find it? It wasn't easy moving from my normal nude or glossy lips to full on raging red for seven days, but I stuck out the challenge and learnt a couple of things at the same time. See after the jump for my top tips on wearing red- and the lessons I learnt.

Lessons Learnt

- Heels really help. I know that sounds shallow but I found coping with the lips a lot easier from a stiletto viewpoint. red lips aren't for hurrying or rushing, they're for queening around.

- Indie boys will LURV you. Bizarrely I was hit on by the skinny jeans brigade, the type that usually look at my peroxide hair and pink outfits in pure disdain.

-You WILL get more attention. Builders, taxi drivers, store assistants, you name it.

-There's something very empowering about red lips. they're so high maintenance it's like a sign above your head that scream look at me, I'm pretty and IMPORTANT.

-People will actually LISTEN to what you're saying. Maybe the red mesmerizes folks, but it does mean when you speak up in meetings everyone listens.

-Women and men have very different opinions on reds and shades. Some love it bright, some dark, there's no real 'right' way to do it.

Top Tips on Wearing Red

-Carry a mirror! You will need to check regularly for lipstick on face/teeth/ half off.
-Be careful when eating. Flaky pastries are a no no if you have very glossy lips, unless you want to take it off and tart again.
-Use straws as it keep the lipstick away from your glass.
-Line, line and line again! Fill in first with a nude liner for more staying power.
-Always check lips after lunch/drinking and carry the lippie with you at all times.
-Wear whatever shade you like. Some will suit you more than others- as a rule the lighter you are the brighter you can go, but wear what you are comfortable in.
-Always keep your head up- red lips and bad posture looks so awkward!
-keep you makeup minimum- with lips like these a smokey eye will make you look a little drag queen like.

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