Copper Diamond Deluxe Beauty Trunk.jpg

OK, this is more of feast for the eyes than the wallet, as this Copper Diamond Deluxe Beauty Trunk will set you back £400. It is absolutely stunning though, as its crafted from leather and can fit everything you'll ever want. It has two pop out compartments and a nice mirror- but for this amount of cash I'd want spotlights around it. Read on for two slightly more affordable options.

Copper Diamond Beauty Trunk.jpg

The Copper Diamond Beauty Trunk, £100 is a lovely looking gift. It has removable trays, a nicely sized mirror and deep compartments. Mmm hmm.

Copper Diamond Beauty Kit.jpg

And finally we have the Copper Diamond Beauty Kit, £65, which is packed with handy products, and has useful slots to keep your brushes in. Now where's my chequebook?

All will be available from November at selected stores,

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