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Winner: Eleven Salon

This is great
because you get treated like a princess, you hair becomes a shiny bouncing mass that does what you want it to, and they're very conveniently located.
Go here if you want to feel in control of your hair and receive quality advice as salon owners Ben White, Jason Welch, Christian B Toth and Sebastian Stetkiewicz hail from Fordham White in Soho.

Check it out here.

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Noted: Mova Salon, Virginia Water

This is great because the staff are very friendly, the salon is gorgeous and they really listen to you what you'd like doe to your hair. They cater to everyone, from afro hair to hair extensions and provide great service.

Go here if you're looking for a new salon, as the staff are so warm and welcoming you'll fee like you've been there forever.

Check it out here.