I relish geekery as much as the next girl and will willingly own up to a penchant for game slogan T-Shirts, using Tekken phrases in every-day life and knowing my way around a DSLR. However theses nails make me pause, as I'm just not sure they pass my test. I think they show great ingenuity and artistry but that they're possibly pushing the Geek Chic thing a little too far.


They're created by NailChick27, who takes a set of acrylic nails and then works her magic, and the amount of time and energy it must have taken to create these must be extremely high. But that's my opinion- what say you? Would you wear these, or are they pushing the boundaries of style to an uncomfortable degree. It's true that we've seen weirder creations (binary nail art for example ) but they tend to be slightly more feminine whilst these just look like you'd have trouble using a can opener.

There are also some equally dubious looking confectionery themed nails on offer, for those who like their Nail Art a little more sugar-coated.