Orly Sweet collection.jpg

The Easter weekend is upon us, and if gorging yourself with chocolate isn't your thing, you may want to consider the delights of the Orly Sweet collection. A selection of sugary sweet colours that feature pretty pastels and long-lasting varnishes make up this six part collection, and every shade is bound to appeal. The problem will be deciding which one to choose! See swatches after the jump!

The shades:


Pixy Stix - Pink Cream
Lollipop- Pastel Purple Cream
Lemonade - Pastel Yellow Cream
Gumdrop - Pastel Turquoise Cream
Cotton Candy- Baby Pink Cream
Snowcone - Baby Blue Cream

I was incredibly impressed with Snowcone in particular as it was a very vibrant light blue, and one coat gave me the coverage you see above. The colour didn't chip for three days (without a topcoat) and many people commented on how fresh it made my nails look.

£8.75 from Cupid and Grace