Suki transformative cleansing clay.jpg

Acne can be a tough skin problem to fight, and it's often exacerbated during pregnancy or as your hormones adjust after giving birth. Combine that with the fact that you can't use a lot of drugstore acne treatments when you're pregnant - like anything with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid - and you're in quite a spot. (Ha ha, or not so much.)

One natural line I love for acne treatment and prevention is Suki. They have an effective line of acne products, and my favorite is the Transformative Cleansing Clay. It's a gentle but effective cleanser and it can also be used as a mask or a spot treatment. Masks and spot treatments are even harder to procure during pregnancy than cleansers so this is a great find.

The smooth, nice-smelling formula contains white willow bark (which some women do try to avoid during pregnancy, FYI), zinc to kill bacteria and kaolin cleansing clay. The product is never drying. In fact, as an oilier skin type, I alternate this with Suki's Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser which I think has since been changed to Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser and I follow up with the Concentrated Facial Toner which I think is now called Concentrated Balancing Toner. I also really stand by their face serums - another product it's difficult to find in pregnancy-safe formulas. Perhaps another review for another day.

One non-facial skin product Suki let me try - the first I've used from their line - was their Velvet Moisturizing Cream. It's a nice rich formula, though if you're used to a really rich body cream it may not seem as thick as you're used to, but it will absorb quicker. It contains luxe ingredients like shea butter and organic rose, lavender and comfrey extracts to heal, soothe, and provide antioxidant properties.