The first thing that strikes you about Sensuous Noir is just how delightfully decadent the bottle looks. Clothed in rich purple ridged glass with gold accents it oozes luxury and style, with hints of violet evenings and velvet whispers in one small package.

A small spritz envelops you into a creamy world full of molten woods, patchouli and amber which gives you an immediate lift and has your nostrils tingling with olfactory delight. When it starts to settle on the skin you notice the complex layered notes that exist in the scent, from the tanginess of black pepper to the sweetness of night flowers, which include the exotic purple rose and the sweetness of spiced lily.

These notes combine to give you a fragrance which has depth and warmth and lingers nicely on the skin for hours. It's one of those gently gently scents, as it doesn't hit you in the face, more just wraps you in a sweet light perfume. For an evening perfume its surprisingly light, as there is no heavy musky element, rather a mixture of sweetness and spice to give you a scent that's very Christmassy.

It's the feeling you get after a long day eating good food and seeing nice people, with presents you're not going to return, and jeans that do up at the waist. It's a comforting scent, with a distinctive allure, and branches on nicely from the daytime Estee Lauder Sensuous scent that already exists.

£32 from Estee Lauder