Big bouncy curls are seen everywhere this season, from the uber accentuated waves on the DVF runway to the ultra slick sculptured curls on the Gossip Girl set. Big is beautiful in the hair department, but if you're not a dab hand at curling with the GHD's you may feel you're missing out. Well fret ye not, those Goldilocks curls can be yours with the application of some strategically placed hot rollers.

Don't roll your eyes- the latest generation of rollers are ceramic coated, easy to use, and best of all affordable, Forget grandma in her white wraps, the latest rollers on the block help created volumized hair, and leave you hands free to do your makeup whist they set. Here's my step by step guide on how to use them.

There are many options available on the market, but my favourites are the Babyliss Thermo ceramic rollers. You get 20 ceramic coated flocked rollers, in 3 sizes, to let you create different shapes of waves and cope with thin and thick hair. I find my hair is always thicker round the back so use the larger ones there, with the smaller ones at the front for tighter bouncier curls.

They sit inside a sleek box, and take about five minutes to heat up. You know they're ready to use when the central rollers display turns white. You can alter the temperature settings from low to high, depending on what works for you, though I found the best results when using it on high.

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Zara hot rollers.jpg
My finished look

Start by spritzing a heat protection spray all over the hair I like to use Andrew Barton The Straight Answer, as it smells lovely, and is really affordable.

Now you need to section your hair. I like to part it down the middle (but you can have your parting on the side) and then work my way backwards. I start by pinning the two front sections up. You take a small piece of hair about two fingers thick and warp it around the roller. Start at the bottom and twist it up, holding it as vertical to the hair as you can.

Babyliss rollers.jpg

The more of an angle you have the higher the curls will go- and make sure you roll it under, not over to make them last longer. The kit comes with 10 hair clips and 20 grips, so you'll have enough to cover the whole hair. I personally found the grips too complicated to use but the clips just popped straight over the roller and held it in place.

Now all you need to do is leave them in for half an hour, leaving you free to dress and do your makeup. The one downside to these is that you do have to wait, so if you have only five minutes get out the straighteners instead. When the time is up, unpin the clips, remove the rollers and let the curls float down onto your shoulders.

Depending on what style you're looking for you can either leave them as they are (they'll drop naturally in the next few hours) or use a soft bristle brush to create a softer wavy look. Spritz on some hairspray and you're good to go!

£29.25 from Argos