Picture the scene: you enter a large, well-lit building where you are greeted by a horse named Dotty. You then proceed to spend your evening sipping cocktails, eating steak, and listening to a DJ set by Daisy Dares You, all while surrounded by the sweet aroma of raspberry and lychee.

Sounds like a perfect, albeit slightly weird night, no? And that's exactly what I experienced last week when I attended the launch of the most recent addition to the Marc Jacobs fragrance line.

Yes, it's Daisy Eau So Fresh, the much fruitier and much pinker version of its famous predecessor.

Now, I have a slight confession to make... While I think Lola is a great perfume, I'm not head over heels for Daisy. However, with the introduction of Eau So Fresh, I'm a total convert.

It has a beautiful fruity scent, still with a hint of floral, and manages to be incredibly chic but not too serious. Post-shower, this is my number one scent of choice now, simply for how clean and sophisticated it is.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh doesn't hit stores until February 27th with prices starting at £48, but if you're looking for a sweet new summer scent, plus a beautiful bottle for your bedside table, this is the one to go for.