Beauty trends will always come and go, but if there is one look that is always in style, it's that elusive glowing complexion. I am forever trying out creams, foundations and highlighters said to bright up my skin, but there are only a few that truly live up to their claims.

Givenchy's Hydra Sparkling range falls under that category, thanks to the Sparkling Water Complex found in the products. This formula is a concentrate of active molecules that are said to make water 'sparkle' deep within the skin, thus giving you the luminosity that we all so desperately seek!

The collection has been around for a little while now, but they've just released three new additions that I just felt I HAD to bring to your attention.

Hydra Sparkling Tinted Luminescence Moisturising Cream SPF15 (£26) comes in three shades, Luminescent Pearl, Luminescent Gold and Luminescent Bronze, to give skin radiance and a moisture boost all in one. This is my must-have of the collection, giving an extra immediate boost while protecting against harmful rays.

Recharging Luminescence Moisturising Mask (£30) will give intense hydration in just five minutes. Apply to cleansed skin, do your nails while you wait for it to get to work, and then remove with a face wipe. This is great to perk up a tired complexion, and is highly recommended for pre-night out preparation.

Intensive Moisturizing - Flash Luminescence Serum (£40) does just what it says in the name. Skin will be brightened in a flash and instantly up to 113% more hydrated with this special concentrate of moisture and energy. However, thanks to its gel consistency, it is easily absorbed ready for you to follow up with cream.

The products are nationwide now at all Givenchy counters, so perhaps it's time to ditch that 'healthy detox' New Year's resolution and just cheat your way to glowing skin!