New CID Cosmetics is a great looking product range, with palettes full of beautifully complementary colours and amazing textures. The packaging is bright and fun to pklay with with everything from blusher 'stamp style' pots and lovely light up lip glosses to foundations with integrated brushes. I decided to take a deeper look into the brand, and got to speak with its stylish creator, the lovely Kelly Colman.

What inspired you to create the range?

My biggest inspiration for creating New CID cosmetics was definitely the women coming into our studios (she own the Burlingtons salons), the tens of thousands of real women telling our makeup artists that they are confused by makeup. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful daily feedback. I knew that by listening to these concerns and using the wealth of knowledge from the hundreds of working makeup artist we could create a range that was simple to use, clever colours wrapped up in innovative packaging with colours suitable for everybody

What's innovative about the range?

We have created a very cleverly edited range, a capsule collection of products that enhance a women's beauty. We do not inundate the customer with colour season after season, we use simple wearable colours that are suitable for most skin tones. The real innovation is in the packaging, we are always looking for ways that make the customers life easier by using lights and mirrors and of course making the products multi functional.


Where do you stand on the paraben debate and why?

Some of our products do contain Parabens, I supposed the answer is simple, we trust the information that we are given by the FDA about the safe levels of Parabens in cosmetics and carefully work around that with our formulations. Our story is based around convenience and the performance of formulation. So with this in mind we have created great formulations based around the research that shows the levels of Parabens we are using are safe. From there women are free to choose!

What is your top beauty tip?

Eat well, sleep well, exercise well. Use SPF 50 in the sun and start every make up routine with Primer!

What type of fitness and diet routine do you follow?

I have just had my second baby about 6 months ago so with the businesses as well finding time for exercise can be a challenge! However I worked for many years as a model and a dancer so fitness and diet have always been a big part of who I am, I just have to get up earlier. I have 2-3 Pilates classes a week and I love my spinning classes at the weekend. I am not fanatical about my diet, I eat well, I love good food, but I listen carefully to what my body needs. I am a huge fan though of supplements, acupuncture that I have once a month and Kinesiology.


What are your future plans for the range?

To continue to listen to the amazing women that come into our studios, to continue to solve their makeup issues. To create exciting new products that make women feel great about themselves and to build and international brand that keeps these simple values as the core objectives.


What are the cult products of the range?

Our range is full of hero products, but a few that creating real notoriety are, i-groom the eyebrow pencil in one colour for everybody, i-prime our foundation primer and skin perfecter, i-bronze the marbleised bronzer (it's just not orange) and one of my favourite i-gel the long wearing gel eye liner, I wear this product every day, easy to apply and stays where I put it!