Marc-Jacobs-Splash-Collection-2011.jpgCome April, Marc Jacobs will be releasing a new collection of scents, the Splash Cocktail Collection.

The range will include three new scents, which areee... Cranberry, a citrus blend with cranberry and tangerine, has honeysuckle and redcurrant at the heart and icy musks and exotic woods at the base.

Ginger, which contains cut ginger, coriander and cognac oil, a heart of geranium, bourbon and granadilla with sandalwood and musks at the base, and Curacao with Peru lime and blood orange, with a middle of apricot and pear and a base of white moss and musk.

The scents will be priced at £45 for a 300ml eau de toilette and will be out on April 24th.

Which do you like the sound of best? I'll be going for Curacao.