heal_gel.jpgThose of you with scars and the like know just how much they can affect life - it's bad enough going out when you're just having a bad hair day sometimes - so I'm always excited to try these skin healing creams to see if they work the miracles they promise.

Heal gel was promising since it was developed by five leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons and a biochemist, and took three years for them to be happy with. Applied to any problem area of skin (as long as it's unbroken), the calming and soothing gel is said to be able to repair skin damage like sunburn and especially scars, reducing the redness, flattening and healing the skin.

So does it work? Well unluckily for me, but luckily for the purposes of research, I burned my hand cooking a little while ago - it was pretty bad - and I remembered I had this sample floating about so I started applying it to the burn. Within a week it had faded and shrunk and it's becoming barely noticable. I haven't had the chance to test it on sunburn yet (sadly) but with these results I'm hopeful it'll work well on that too. Oh and it smells delicious too - like turkish delight - so it was a pleasure to use.

Get it here for £33.50, and let us know how it work for you.