Nothing says British more than a Union Jack and this is just what Ben Sherman have emblazoned over their fragrance- albeit in swishy shiny black 3D with a glossy veneer. Within the beautiful bottle nestles a complex scent, overlaying head citrussy notes- they really hit you at first spritz- with notes of coffee, cedar and amber notes.

It's strangely unisex as I've enjoyed wearing it, as the musky elements are tapered by the light notes of mint and lemon. I was told that this perfume has incredible longevity- 2.5 hours rather than the 1.5 expected from an eau de toilette, almost verging on eau de parfum wear!

There's something classic and rugged about this, a brand many men will relate to, and the British element is a nice way to pay homage to our home grown brands.

£25.00 for 50ml from September 1st, 2011.