butter_london_ss12_nail_colour.jpgWhile we were backstage at Clements Ribeiro yesterday morning we met the lovely Nomie Creme, the Founding Creative Director of nail polish brand butter LONDON, who gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect from them for next Spring (above)!

Nonie told us that we'll be seeing a lot of sherbet colours next season, not like the creamy, ice-cream hues of the pastels that were popular this summer, but more muted tones like the three above, which she initially mixed up herself for a show last season - can't wait to get that pistachio green. We got a few nail tips from her too - "People often think that top coat is the step you can't miss, but actually it's the base coat - you need to give your polish something to grip", she told me.

While I was there, Nonie also gave me a quick nail art masterclass - she said that her style of nail art is less constructed and more casual, as if it's just been quickly dabbed on. She showed me what she meant on my nails - which you'll have to excuse (I know I'm a supposed to be a beauty editor, but London Fashion Week means no time for touch ups!) - and haphazardly brushed over one of my chipped burgundy nails with metallic pink flames, which she then topped with glitter at the tip. So 'Oh-what-this-no-I-Just-threw-this-on' nail art is my new favourite thing.