Entering the NASDAQ building amidst heightened security in Times Square is already quite dramatic. Add in the chance to interview designer Carmen Marc Valvo, who was holding his show in the space, and celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson and it was almost too much for this editor to take.

Can I saw how warm and charming Ted Gibson is? It's no surprise he sets contributors at ease as he transforms them on What Not To Wear.

As for the hair at Carmen Marc Valvo, he said it was inspired by the 70s, Peggy Lipton, the Mod Squad. "The whole concept is American sportswear ... beautiful, straight and silky."


He acknowledged that we girls like to tuck our hair behind our ears so he incorporated that into the look. First he applied Ted Gibson Build It blow drying agent, then used Fix It gel and a flatiron. The products "give it that shine and silkiness, and you can mess it up and it still has that hold to it."

"Then we used Beautiful Hold hairspray and tuck it behind your ears, hair is very flat and shiny, the effect is sleek," he said. "Still a touch of sophistication."

The man, the brand, Ted Gibson is nothing if not sophisticated.