rosie-huntington-whiteley-burberry-body.jpgYou never see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley out plastered in makeup, even at a premiere or on a photoshoot, and now we know why - she told People magazine that she has a "pretty tight beauty regime."

"I don't like to be worn by makeup or worn by clothes," she explained. "It's all about enhancing what you have. I want to feel as close to my natural self as I can at all times. So, unless I'm doing a crazy photo shoot, I want to feel like myself."

And what does she particularly steer clear of? Lipstick.

"It's not my favorite piece of makeup," she admited. "I always steer away from putting anything on my lips just because I think it can get a bit much."

Rosie also confirmed our notion that celebrities will now give one of two answers when asked about their beauty secret: water, or sunscreen. "I really am very conscious about wearing sun cream," she said.