Kate_Middleton_extensions.jpgOh the controversy! Earlier today the Daily Mail reported that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had visible hair extensions during a charity event, with helpful graphics (after the jump) to show just how the hair trickery was perpetrated. BUT the Palace jumped right on that malicious lie and revealed that the mark in question was not telltale proof of a hair extension, but a childhood scar from a "serious operation" Kate had when she was young.

Do we have a name for this yet? "Hair-gate" perhaps?

I don't know, is the possibility of Kate Middleton having hair extensions so horrifying? I suppose she has denied it in the past and now it is an issue of truth. I would probably expect her to have hair extensions, pretty much everyone in the public eye does. But I know The Royal Family is eager to keep Kate above reproach for vanity or frivolous pursuits.


The Daily Mail helpfully provided an example of the type of hair extension Kate might have, before doing an about face and turning the story into a tale of Kate's unrevealed childhood trauma. Oh Daily Mail, you're so silly.