Gareth_Pugh_Mac.jpgMAC Cosmetics have been knocking out the edgy collections lately. Last week we showed you their Johnny Weir-fronted Glitter and Ice collection, and now they're revealing their latest collaboration - with designer Gareth Pugh.

"When creating my makeup collection with MAC I wanted it to be unexpected - creating something truly beautiful, very sophisticated, and incredibly chic but of course - with an underlying edge of darkness and attitude," Pugh said.

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I'm loving the moody colours of this collection. From press materials:

Cue heavyweight geometric packaging encasing some seriously chic standouts: a duo-chromatic nail polish that flashes from emerald to amethyst. A compact Beauty Powder that turns all skin-tones a sophisticated matte. Lipglasses that go from super-subtle (worn alone) to statement-making when layered over Lipstick. Lashes that redefine the shape of what a fake lash could, or should, be...

"They're about contradiction and the struggle between lightness and darkness," says Gareth of how he creates his inspired collections. So too his debut approach to makeup. Every piece is unique, experimental, precious and intriguing (just like Gareth's designs)...and ready to be played to your lighter (more ethereally natural) or darker (sinisterly sophisticated) side.

Available November 23 in America and December internationally.