gwen_stefani_loreal.jpgGwen Stefani, who is one of my all-time girl crushes, gave an interview about her now-iconic beauty style - revealing that she once veered away from her trademark blonde locks to become a redhead!

She explained to InStyle, "Right after we came home from the first No Doubt tour I felt like I might get recognized, so I colored my hair red. And I hated it."

Gwen also revealed that she wears makeup all the time, everyday. Even if she's not leaving the house. "The makeup goes on every day, even if I'm not going anywhere," she said. This admission attracted a lot of 'god, just be yourself' comments from readers, but I'm on her side - there aren't many days I'm not wearing makeup either (I always knew we could be friends), and if it makes you look and feel better why not? What about you guys?

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