benefit_pin_up_lash.jpgI was so, so happy to hear that Benefit were going to be launching an eyelash collection, and I was even more happy when I saw them, because they are amazing.

They've designed eight styles of false lash for the line, which, as you can see above, include a style for every possible look you could imagine, from the demi Starlett lash to the dramatic Big Spender lashes, as well as a set of individual lashes and a lash glue.

I got a closer look at the pin up lashes (below): they look almost real which is probably the highest praise you could bestow, with what looks like hundreds of lashes criss-crossed lashes in different lengths to give a natural fuller effect. Also when I showed them to my housemate, she said they were the best fake lashes she has ever seen (and she lives with a beauty editor).


Prices start from £11.50, so they're pretty pricey, but you are getting what you pay for - plus if you're careful with them and you keep them in the clear sturdy case they come in, you could keep reusing them for a while. I'm really impressed.