hunger_games_china_glaze_polish_shades.jpgA few weeks ago we showed you the shades that China Glaze were releasing in collaboration with the upcoming The Hunger Games movie, and we were very excited about them.

Except it seems that our happiness was premature because it looks like it's not happening after all - Lionsgate, the movie's production company (who are apparently very strict about spoilers of the film), told press that the collaboration wasn't confirmed yet when the colours were leaked, and then informed American International Industries (the company that owns China Glaze) that the deal was off.

The AII isn't taking it lying down though - they're suing Lionsgate for $10 million for breach of contract, saying that they spent millions of dollars in materials, time and labor in reliance on a contract they say was confirmed.

We are very sad about this - isn't it a shame when a few people spoil it for everyone else. And I really wanted Heat of the Moment too.