the_hunger_games_china_glaze_confirmed.jpgWho could have foreseen what a roller coaster ride China Glaze's The Hunger Games inspired nail polish line with would end up being - but the latest news in the saga is that the collaboration is back on!

If you remember, first it was on, and then suddenly, not only was it off, but lawsuits were being thrown around by both China Glaze and the movie's production company Lionsgate and it was just all very unpleasant.

Especially for us. We were really excited about it.

But good news guys - the line is back on again! It turns out that the shades that were leaked are still the shades that'll be released, but the names were wrong - titled 'Colours from the Capitol' the collection is inspired by things from the luxurious and decadent capital city of Panam (the country that the book is set in).

So basically, I can still have Electrify (formerly Heat of the Moment) in my life. Yay! Look for them in March.


PS Big Hunger Games fan? Check out designer's interpretations of Katniss' fire dress over on Catwalk Queen.