Alibi_perfume.jpgApparently a strip club called Mavericks in South Africa has launched its own brand of perfume - designed to help its customers prove whatever cover story they've given their other half to explain why they weren't home.

There are three scents in the Alibi line (clever name): My Car Broke Down, which notes of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel, I Was Working Late, which smells of coffee, ink, cigarettes and wool (for suits), and We Were Out Sailing, which has the smell of fresh ocean spray, sea salt, cotton rope and aqua. "The fragrance market is a natural extension for the sexy, sophisticated and upmarket Mavericks brand, and the idea of a range of 'Alibis' is one that will appeal to many of our customers", said its owner Shane Harrison.

Whether this is morally admirable or not, you cannot deny that it is a genius marketing ploy, and very effective advertising.