Gel eyeliners are my current beauty crush, and there are so many great options to choose from. The trick with using gel eyeliners is to make sure you have a good brush and as steady hand, but mistakes are much easier to rectify than with liquid foundations as it's easier to create a pretty and slick look.

FashionistA is a brand we've really become fond of lately, and we had to investigate their Secret Gel eyeliner. Sold in Superdrug, the range combines a variety of high quality pressed eyeshadows with other beauty assortments and we've just been enjoying our time spent with the Fashionista fashion secret gel eyeliner.


The first thing you notice about the product is the interesting design, as it comes in a nail varnish styled bottle with a long tapered top and a small pot base containing the thick black liner. The lid actually opens to reveal a reversible brush which can be attached to the top, allowing you to always have a brush on you and get a nice clean stroke of the liner. I like this packaging design, as I often find I don't use gel liners as I don't always have a brush handy, It's not the best brush in the world, but the convenience more than makes up for the quality.


The consistency of the product is really easy to use, as it adheres well to the brush without too much pressure and glides nicely along the eyes with no dragging or pulling. I like that it doesn't get too gloopy or drip, and that you can use it really easily for thin or thick lines.


The black is a great colour- really rich and deep, with no translucency, and I've heard they have other shades in this range which I'd love to also try. Length wise, you're looking at a reasonable 6-8 hours before you need to reapply and it's super easy to remove, coming off with no trouble at all with a swipe of the trusty Simple Eye Makeup remover.

Overall, this is great quality gel eyeliner and a great one for beginners as well. The convenience of the brush is fantastic and the colour is very rich and true and great for both night and day wear.

£7 from Superdrug