BioEffect is a brand beloved at Kiss and Makeup for the way it literally transforms your skin, and their famous EGF serum has amazing hydrating and refining properties. It's a brand that's all about science rather than waffle and EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. The idea with the serum is to use it nightly to see an improvement in skin quality and texture and results have show that not only does it smooth the skin but that it almost transforms it as well (to put its success into context, market research has shown that 1 in 3 people use it in Iceland, which is a crazy statistic).

BioEffect have now added an extra product to their line - a cream for daytime wear. Sadly it lacks SPF but apart from that it contains all the same EGF goodness (though at a lower level and they were coy about the percentage), and the product is all about the best looking skin with minimum ingredients - there are only 18 in total in the BioEffect day cream. It's great they've managed to suspend the anti-ageing properties of EGF in a cream formulation and it means that people can now feel they have a full day and night routine.

The cream allows you to fully enjoy a 360 degree BioEffect life, and the creators believe you don't need to use the serum in the day, as this moisturiser will do the job. The EGF in the cream helped stimulate collagen renewal and aids the effects created by the night-time serum.

The cream feels soft to touch and easily absorbs and the folks there say a pot of cream should last around 3 months. Due to the highly active ingredients, the jar will only last around 14 months (opposed to 48 offered by other brands) but if you're using this, it won't be a problem.

Watch this space for a full review!

£55 from BioEffect