ppq_beauty_aw12_lfw_heart.jpgThe make up at PPQ's AW12 show yesterday for London Fashion Week aimed to tap into the romantic nature of the clothes - well to be exact, the clothes were inspired by the "apocalyptic romance of winter" but I'm not sure if the makeup accomplished that - which meant red lips and hearts!

PPQ featured our favourite nails so far this season, and the first foray into nail art we've seen (but there's still Topshop Unique to go): short false nails, filed to a point (which they've christened 'stilettoval' - stiletto-oval) and painted with a gold glitter polish. The point becomes the end of a perfectly formed black heart painted over the top! So cool - look out for a get the look when we inevitably end up copying that!


The actual make up was "cinematic and expensive", where glamorous, bold old Hollywood red lips and a strong arched dark brow were the focal point of the look. Some of the girls also had tiny heart-shaped beauty spots applied just below their left eye, drawn on with black eyeliner. Marcel waved hair finished off the look.

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