Have you heard of REN? If you haven't yet, prepare to have their name burned into your brain. The skincare brand has kept quite a low profile so far, but this year they turn 10 (and a bit) and with the milestone they've made sure we all take notice of them with their new advert. Well it's more a short film really, one where the stars get naked in a lake and, well, basically have sex on camera.

In fact if it didn't have that nice soft music ('Down To The River To Pray' by Alison Krauss), it would be a lot like porn. But it's not ... trashy or offensive or anything, more arty - and if you're going to do an advert like that, it's a nice way to do it. It's just unexpected. And a bit WTF. At the screening I attended yesterday it left the entire room of beauty journalists in stunned silence (and that doesn't happen much).

Shot in Sweden, the film is meant to embody the bold, natural beauty ideals of the brand and represent the 'sensation of healthy beautiful skin' that REN (which means clean in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish) promise to deliver with their products (free from skin-unfriendly ingredients but still hi-tech).

So we're not sure how much the advert actually establishes them as 'the' natural skincare brand like they say they had intended, but it's definitely going to get them lots of exposure - so it works! Watch it above and tell us what you think below. Oh, and apparently that lake was freezing.