kate_middleton_nails_vogue.jpgIf it hadn't become apparent that nail art is still going strong as the New Big Thing yet, it should now that designs have been featured in a series of still lifes, shot by Vogue photographer Raymond Meier for Nowness.

They were actually designed, not by a nail artist, but by The New York Times T Magazine editor, Sally Singer, who is famous for not wearing much make up, but always having a set of Japanese-inspired, ornately crafted fingernails. She dreams up the designs, and then her technician Maki Sakamoto brings them to life.

These aren't your normal designs either: she's inspired by everything: fashion, architecture and even politics. "I had an idea for left wing nails," she told them. "A left hand with the symbols for different socialist parties on each fingernail, and the right hand could just be painted black."

Among the five nail styles in the shoot, is a glittery royal blue style with a crown drawn onto the thumb, which Singer has named the Kate Middleton (see above). "I was thinking of spring 2012 Chanel couture, with all those deep blues," she explained. "I don't usually like a blue nail but I liked those color tones. It's a royal, attention-grabbing nail - it's the Kate Middleton nail. I wanted crowns and heraldry."

Pretty! Check out the rest of the styles - including a 3D violet one - here at Nowness.