ciate_caviar_manicure_pink.jpgExciting times in nail land today - just when you think nail art can't get any crazier, nail polish brand Ciaté have revealed an amazing new upcoming collection, Caviar Manicure kits by Ciaté.

Perfect for the 3D make up trend, the manicure consists of tiny caviar-like pearls (totes luxurious, although when you think of it as fish eggs, it's a bit gross) applied to the nail over a Ciaté Paint Pot colour, to give an amazing three dimensional effect.


It reminds me of one of those unattainable but pretty styles you see on Pinterest, and despite how much you lust after it, can never actually recreate it at home. Although as amazing as it looks in the campaign images, we have a feeling those tiny beads are going to start shedding pretty fast. We might be wrong though - can't wait to try it out ourselves and see.

The sets will be launching in April and will come in three colours: black, white and multicoloured.


Will you be picking one of these up?

Edit - Check out their newest style just in time for the Jubilee - Britannia!

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