meat cleaver massage.jpg

I love an intensive massage but the meat cleaver massage may be a little too sadistic for me. It involves the use of a sharpened meat cleaver (coated in iodine) which is then tapped all over the body- with the flat side thankfully. The idea is that the 10 inch blade helps release the bodies stored energy and increase blood flow- but it could just be fear endorphins you're releasing- like, why do they need to SHARPEN the blade?

The idea is that the body is covered in stream of energy (called 'qi') and that by this firm tapping you are helping the body heal itself. Depending on the illness being treated (everything from headaches to cancer) different sized blades are used and they are meant to help the body free itself from toxins. They say it can be a little painful at first but you soon adapt, I say this'll never catch on in the UK as health and safety won't allow it!

You can try this for yourself is you want to hear to Taiwan for Pan's Dao Liao's Knife Therapy Association treatment for around £10 for half an hour.

[via Oddity central]