daisy_lowe__braun_silk_epil_7_dual.jpgHair removal is one of the most time consuming, inconvenient and annoying beauty practises. Well it is to me, because I am very lazy and impatient and I hate spending any part of a hot morning (when I could otherwise be in the park) sitting in the bath with my legs covered in Veet, only for it to all have to be repeated again a few days later. Not to mention that if you go for waxing or epilator methods (like the Braun one that Daisy Lowe and her very smooth legs are the face of), it is also painful.

So I was pretty intrigued to read this morning that scientists have developed a gel that stunts hair growth on the area it's applied to! It was originally created when they were experimenting with cidofovir, a drug that treats ocular viral infections and is used in HIV medication. The drug can cause alopecia in those who take it, and with this thinking, they mixed it with a gel base at 3% strength, and found that the formulation caused the same effect when applied topically (they tried it on some men's beards and it caused a "significant reduction in hair growth"). Which means that we can use it on our legs, underarms and bikini lines, and razors may become a thing of the past!

The future is here, guys.

Obviously, as it's still so early we have to be wary of what other effects it could have, and it'll take a while (years probably) in development to make sure it has no adverse effects, but according to the research group, initially it looks safe, although not perfect. They noted that the product was "safe and well tolerated" but that they "did not observe total alopecia (hair loss) as was previously reported and the treatment dose and duration may have been insufficient to trigger this effect."

Further trials will be conducted - with bigger concentrations - to see if there's any actual promise in this, so I suggest we all keep our fingers crossed that it's safe and effective, because I need to get my hands on it.