elle_fanning_red_hair.jpgElle Fanning has managed to start getting away from that Younger Sister of Dakota Fanning thing and is carving out an area of showbusiness for herself, and doing very well too - she was nominated for Best Young Actress at the Critics Association Awards earlier this year, and is making waves with big roles in 'serious' films like Babel and Reservation Road - despite being just 13-years-old.

Her latest movie is Bomb (which also stars Christina Hendricks) which Elle is currently filming in London, where she was spotted yesterday with newly-dyed red hair!

The actress was seen in Soho dressed in a school uniform (she's playing a schoolgirl in the 1960s which is the only information I have on the film - and when I say 'I', I mean IMDB), with her usually bright blonde hair dyed this rich copper shade. It makes her quite unrecognisable, so it'll probably be handy while she's staying in London. She can tourist around without being hassled. Good thinking.

Anyway - we think Elle makes an excellent redhead. Her pale colouring really suits the shade, and they've even dyed her eyebrows to match - nice attention to detail there.

We love the new colour on her - do you?

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